Time in Yemen

It is the current local time right now in Sanaa, Al Hudaydah, Ta`izz, Aden, Al Mukalla and in all Yemen’s cities
Yemen’s time zone: +03 or UTC+03:00
All Yemen’s territory belongs to the same time zone.

Current time by country

Daylight saving time (DST) changes in Yemen

No daylight saving time (DST) in Yemen.

Current time in Yemen’s neighbouring countries


Full name: Yemen
Continent: Asia
Region: Western Asia
Population: 23,495,361
Area: 527,970 km²
Capital: Sanaa
Currency: Rial (YER)
Phone code: 967
Domain: .ye
Wikipedia article: Yemen

Current local time in Yemen’s cities

City Time City Time
Aden Ataq
Al Ghayḑah Crater
Al Hudaydah Sanaa
Al Mukalla