Time in Antarctica

Station Name Time Station Name Time
AboaLaw-Racovita Station
Aboa StationLeningradskaya Station
Akademik Vernadsky StationMacchu Picchu Station
Almirante Brown Antarctic BaseMachu Picchu Research Station
Amundsen-Scott South Pole StationMaitri Station
Artigas BaseMaldonado Station
Arturo Parodi StationMarambio Base
Belgrano IIMarambio Station
Bellingshausen StationMario Zucchelli Station
Bernardo O'Higgins StationMawson Station
BorgaMcMurdo Station
Browning Pass StationMendel Polar Station
Byrd StationMid Point Station
Captain Arturo Prat baseMirny Station
Casey StationMizuho Station
Comandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic BaseNeumayer Station
Commandante Ferraz StationNovolazarevskaya Station
Concordia StationOdell Glacier Station
Concordia StationOrcadas Base
Davis StationPalmer Station
Detaille Island (Base W) /Brit./Princess Elisabeth Base
Dome Fuji StationProfessor Julio Escudero base
Druzhnaya 4 StationProgress 2 Station
Dumont d'Urville StationProgress Station
Eduardo Frei MontalvaRothera Research Station
Enigma Lake StationRusskaya Station
Escudero StationSan Martin Station
Esperanza BaseSANAE IV
FaradaySANAE IV Station
Gabriel de Castilla Spanish Antarctic StationSarie Marais
Georg von Neumayer StationScott Base
Gonzalez Videla StationSerre Che
Great Wall StationShowa Station
Halley Research StationSt. Kliment Ohridski Base
Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic StationSvea
Jinnah Antarctic StationTroll research station
Juan Carlos I Spanish Antarctic StationVernadsky Station
King Sejong StationVicente Station
King Sejong StationVostok Station
Kohnen StationWasa Station
Kohnen StationZhongshan Station
Law - Racovita StationZhongshan Station

Most Antarctican countries keep an entire country in a single time zone, and it's always the same time all across the country.

For Antarctican countries with multiple time zones, there is a separate row for each time zone in the table below.

Country or Territory Time and Time Zone Cities in this Time Zone
Bouvet Island (Bouvetoya)
GMT or UTC+00:00
French Southern and Antarctic Lands
+05 or UTC+05:00
Heard Island and McDonald Islands
+05 or UTC+05:00
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
-02 or UTC-02:00