Distance between Roquetas de Mar, Spain and the South Pole

14111 km = 8768 miles

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Roquetas de Mar, Spain: basic facts and figures

Country: Spain
Roquetas de Mar’s coordinates: 36°45′51″ N, 2°36′53″ W
Population: 82,665
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The South Pole: basic facts and figures

The South Pole is a point where imaginary Earth’s axis of rotation crosses the Earth's surface in the Southern Hemisphere.
The South Pole is the southernmost place on Earth. The South Pole latitude is 90° South. The South Pole longitude is undefined, because the South Pole is a point where all the meridians meet.
For the same reason the South Pole has no time zone.
For software and devices using GPS satellite navigation system 0° West may be used as conditional South Pole longitude.

The South Pole’s coordinates: 90°00′00″ S
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