Distance between San Pedro Sula, Honduras and the Equator

1726 km = 1072 miles

San Pedro Sula, Honduras: basic facts and figures

Country: Honduras
San Pedro Sula coordinates: 15°30′15″ N, 88°01′30″ W
Population: 489,466
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The Equator: basic facts and figures

The Equator is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface created by the intersection of a plane, orthogonal to the Earth's axis and passing through the Earth's centre, with the Earth's surface.
The Equator is the longest circle of latitude or parallel on the Earth's surface.
The latitude of each point on the Equator equals 0°.

The Equator divides the Earth's surface into the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.
The points that lie north of the Equator belong to the Northern Hemisphere.
The points that lie south of the Equator belong to the Southern Hemisphere.

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